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I’m passionate about helping young people feel more comfortable in their own skin. Being young isn’t easy, I know I certainly found it tricky. Having supported hundreds of children as a SENCO and whilst running Key2Confidence, I know that I can make a real difference.

I’ve not always been as confident and fulfilled as I am today. I can’t change the past, but I’m determined to use my experiences to help young people and their families. After all, once they’re happy, the whole family will be happier too.

Patsy x

What's being said...

Ms H, Worcester

This week in ONE session with Patsy we now know what the main problem is, what to do next, and that there are EASY solutions! If you are debating (and yes, it’s a big decision to choose who to work with) I highly recommend Patsy, you can only be pleased you did – as will your child.

Mrs W, Worcester

Parent of a child with ASD traits

Patsy was really helpful when she came out to see us giving some advice and information about moving forward to help our child adjust to school. She is so friendly and understood our concerns and wanted the very best for our child. Would highly recommend her and her and the work she does.

Mrs W, Worcester

Mum of an anxious 16 year old girl
What a wonderful, caring, funny, lovely lady Patsy is. She instantly makes you feel at ease.
After a very delicate battle of getting nowhere, my daughter was so comfortable with Patsy even after the first session that she opened up and talked to her.
Patsy is not only there for the young people she helps but is there with help and support for the parents too.
I cant recommend her enough
Thank you Patsy

Mrs W, Harvington

Within minutes of meeting, Patsy had him opening up and chatting, happy to go to the session which had been explained step by step. Patsy went above and beyond discussing and helping him identify areas that become problematic.

Mrs W, Evesham

Parent of a young child with a hearing impairment and dyslexic difficulties

Thank you for everything you have done for her. You have given her confidence at school and at home. The sessions are fun and educational which makes learning a breeze. Patsy is so passionate about what she does, I would 100% recommend her services.

Mrs W, Droitwich

Patsy is superwomen in disguise. She has an amazing connection with young people. She totally gets them. In just one session she was able to work out a lot of my daughter’s issues.

Mrs W, Defford

Patsy, she’s great! Engaging, knowledgeable and creative, a winning combination to access the issues that my child needed help with. Patsy identified areas that the school could help with, provided the “language” required to ensure the school addressed the issues of concern.

Mrs T, Worcester

Mum of a 4 year old boy on the autism spectrum

Patsy has given us lots of advice and guidance privately, and I’ve joined several of her talks. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and to share and has had a positive impact for my little boy. I’d highly recommend getting in touch with Patsy should you need any support around raising an autistic child.

Mrs S, Evesham

Parent of a child with Asperger’s Syndrome

She seems so much more relaxed and happy. I’ve no doubt it’s down to your friendship, guidance and warmth; a safe and kind person she can turn to for advice and support.

Mrs R, Drake Broughton

Mum of an anxious 12 year old girl on the autism spectrum

I would highly recommend Patsy and the work of Key2Confidence. Our daughter attended weekly sessions with Patsy over a three-month period. During this time we notice a change in her ability to read and understand her own emotions. She has started to notice when she needs to calm herself. Our daughter very quickly became comfortable working with Patsy.  We will be asking Patsy for help in the future when our daughter transitions into the next phase of her education.


Mrs P, Evesham

One year on from support with Patsy and I have a child that is more confident, that can use coping strategies to help him work through problems rather than having a meltdown and he has progressed academically too.

Mrs K, Worcester

Mother of a child with ASD traits

Patsy is very knowledgeable, about issues our children are facing, she has lots of fantastic advice. She gave my son & me outstanding advice. As a therapist myself I would highly recommend Patsy and her workshops!

Mrs K, Malvern

Former colleague

Patsy is a superb practitioner. As a former colleague, I can say from experience that she has had and still has, the most profound and positive influence on the confidence of many young people.

Mrs H, Oxfordshire

Mum of a 12 year old girl on the autism spectrum
I have attended two of the evening training sessions now via zoom and have found them extremely helpful. Patsy has gone through some really helpful tips about ways we can help support our children and having other parents online too has been great as it’s lovely to chat to others who understand.
Thanks so much Patsy!!

Mrs F, Worcester

Mother of a 12 year old with self-confidence difficulties

In my daughters words ‘Patsy is amazing. She always made me laugh and I could just talk to her about my worries.‘
Patsy really made such a difference and helped my daughter to start believing in herself again.

Mrs F, Evesham

Mum of an anxious, socially isolated 17 year old girl

After just one session, Patsy was able to identify how she could help my daughter in several practical ways. She is encouraging, insightful and empathetic, particularly with young people. Thank you Patsy!

Mrs E, Stourbridge

Mother of an adult child with ASD

Invaluable and wish she had been accessible to us when our son was younger he is 23
excellent service!

Mrs E, Drakes Broughton, Worcestershire

Mother of a teenager with ASD traits and anxiety

Words just don’t seem enough… our lives have been transformed both **** and I are happier, stronger and empowered to see some sort of way forward!

Mrs C, Worcester

Mum to a 10 year old boy on the autism spectrum/ PDA

In 5 years, I’ve never known him open up and talk to anybody, like he just did with you!

Mrs C, Worcester

Mum of a 17 year old boy on the autism spectrum

I found Patsy back in March when we were at our witsend. My son was breaking everything in site with rage. She has done more in 6 sessions than CAMHS have done in 6 years. The officials always say there is no such thing as a magic wand – I disagree , it comes in the shape of Patsy Holbrook

Mrs B, Worcester

Patsy is so supportive and caring. She really does want to make a difference. She’s certainly made a difference to us!

Mrs B, Droitwich

Parent of young person with ASD and Anxiety

Patsy came into our lives and with her positivity, encouragement and understanding. She has given my son the tools to help manage his anxiety and we are now on the road to recovery.

Mr I, Worcester.

Parent of a 15 year old, with Aspergers Syndrome, severe anxiety & depression

… I cannot praise her highly enough. There is no doubt in my mind that, without Patsy’s support, my son would not have reintegrated into school and wider society as he has. He would probably have ended up back in hospital. I am hugely grateful to her.

Mr B, Honeybourne

Father of a 12 year old child with PTSD

Patsy made our daughter feel relaxed and built up a trusting rapport allowing her to open up. Succeeded where school and other professionals hadn’t. Some great techniques were explored that can be used now & for the rest her life. Thank you!

Mr B, Evesham

Patsy made our daughter feel relaxed and built up a trusting rapport allowing her to open up. Succeeded where school and other professionals hadn’t.

Mr & Mrs W, Evesham.

Parents of 12 year old boy, with Selective Mutism and social anxiety.

H’s second session with Patsy was a revelation… within minutes we could hear 2 voices in conversation… It was almost as if Patsy had unlocked his voice, and H suddenly felt as if he had permission to speak freely.

Mr & Mrs W, Evesham

Patsy, she’s great! Engaging, knowledgeable and creative, a winning combination to access the issues that my child needed help with. Patsy identified areas that the school could help with, provided the “language” required to ensure the school addressed the issues of concern.

Mr & Mrs W, Evesham

Patsy has a wonderful affinity with young people and put our shy and anxious son at ease within minutes of their first session together.

Mr & Mrs W, Droitwich

Parents of young person, with ASD and Anxiety

We have been dismissed from CAMHS as they were unable to engage with our daughter. Patsy was able to engage her in one session. Without Patsy, we really don’t know what we would of done. I’m sure she has her wonder women costume underneath.

Mr & Mrs L, Worcester.

Parents of child with ASD and Anxiety

Patsy put my anxious daughter at ease within minutes of their first session together and quickly developed a bond with her. My daughter has grown in confidence so much already, using the Confidence Caffe’s techniques, and I can see a real difference in her.

Miss W, Birmingham

My confidence has more than tripled since seeing her and I would recommend her to anyone who suffers with ASD; I only wish I’d been able to see her years ago!

Master L

13 year old, with social communication difficulties and anxiety.

My support has changed me as a person. I didn’t think I’d ever fit in or have friends. Patsy fixed that and now I’m much more confident.

Master JB

15 year old with Asperger's Syndrome & anxiety

Patsy isn’t like a teacher. It’s like talking to a friend or family member!

Master I

15 Year old boy, with ASD and Anxiety

‘Everything’s just clicked! I don’t think I’ve ever processed this much!”

Master A

15 year old student, with dyslexia and anxiety

I was depressed then. I’d given up. Now I’m wooo! Let’s go!

JE, Stourbridge.

23 year old, with ASD

I am now confident that I am much better prepared to find a job in my sector, something that I would have had trouble doing before. I cannot recommend Patsy highly enough.

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