“Homework? I don’t think mum packed it!”

Look and sound familiar? This was the sight that greeted me most mornings when hurriedly hunting through the abyss that was my son’s school bag. My hand would emerge sticky- fingers glued together with half wrapped Chewits! Like busy parents don’t have enough to manage and contend with: juggling a long day at work, school ... Read more

A beginner’s guide to stimming

Many ASD children mask in order to fit in. However, it’s hard to fit in if your body has other ideas. Here we look at a common trait amongst children with ASD: stimming. What is stimming Stimming is the making of repetitive movements or noises which self-stimulate (or stim). These can make someone feel calmer. That’s ... Read more

Back to school anxiety? Show transition who’s boss!

So, you’re nearing the end of the half-term holiday and those feelings of dread begin to build, as you wonder how your child with ASD or anxiety might be feeling and how you’ll manage getting him/her back into the school or college routine- afterall this is something you and they struggle with after any breaks in routine. Raising awareness ... Read more

Celebrating talents: a poem on masking by Sophie

Not everyone who masks has a diagnosis. Here, Sophie, aged 16, shares a beautiful, thought-provoking poem on how masking makes her feel.

Digital Art by Bryony- 21 years old

Is there no end to Bryony’s artistic talent? Not only is she a fabulous artist, photographer and poet, she has a flare for digital art, too!

Education, Health and Care Plans; the ‘golden ticket’ to effective provision for children with ASD ?

Being a parent of a child with special educational needs and a Special Educational Needs Coordinator, has given me a valuable insight into ‘both sides of the coin’ when it comes to additional learning support and provision. Parents are led to believe that an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), will solve their child’s problems ... Read more

Free info sheet on masking in school

Many parents are told that their children are ‘fine once they’re in school’, only to discover that the children are ‘masking’ in order to hide the fact that they feel different. What is masking? Masking involves mimicking neurotypical behaviours in order to fit in or reducing behaviours which may not be deemed to be ‘socially ... Read more

Harry Potter Lego- Emm’s special interests

We know that those on the autism spectrum, have special interests and Emm is no exception! Here, Emm combines her love of Harry Potter and Lego, to create this impressive construction of Diagon Alley. When Emm isn’t building in her attic room, she can be found reading Harry Potter ‘Fan Fiction’ or watching the Twilight ... Read more

Mascara Stains- a poem about anxiety.

  Mascara stained on her soaked cheeks smeared tears and snot carelessly layers her face as she sees nothing but a failure in the mirror. The thought of disappointing people worries her. The stress in her eyes, eats at her brain constantly. Anxiety never sleeps, in fact, it’s most awake before she sleeps. No distractions ... Read more

Nobody gets it…Nobody gets me!

Some children love school. Unfortunately, some are unable to attend regularly or even at all. Here PW, aged 10, opens up on the effect school has on him and why gaming is his safe place.     “When I think about school, it makes me feel sick, annoyed, stressed out, nervous, angry, worried and lonely. ... Read more
An image of a dragon in colours related to autism

Real life stories: Brandon’s story of living with autism

Brandon is an American who I met online. He’d like to share his story with you. “Hello my name is Brandon Mclaughlin. I am a 22 year old man with autism. I like doing a lot of things such as working with all types of animals and playing video games. I may seem like a very normal ... Read more

Real life stories: how art helped Bryony to express herself

My name is Bryony and studying is my passion. I love learning, mainly about how the brain works. As well as studying for fun, I like to learn more about myself, so I do a lot of different courses related to healing and neurodiversity. The courses that have helped me understand myself and how to ... Read more
Woman walking down an empty road

Real-life stories: a journey to diagnosis (autism)

Here, Teresa shares the difficulties her daughter experienced from an early age and how a question from an assistant psychologist, changed everything! From an early age, T always had problems socially. When she started nursery at the age of 3 she would make herself physically sick so she wouldn’t have to go. Teachers always put ... Read more

Steampunk by ‘T’- 15 years old

These steampunk influenced drawings by T, combine industrial era—machine parts like cogs and rivets, clockwork, and laboratory equipment—with futuristic concepts such as robotics.

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