Real life stories: how art helped Bryony to express herself

My name is Bryony and studying is my passion. I love learning, mainly about how the brain works. As well as studying for fun, I like to learn more about myself, so I do a lot of different courses related to healing and neurodiversity. The courses that have helped me understand myself and how to heal better so far are: autism awareness, SPD awareness, divine masculine, divine feminine, ho’oponopono, relationship psychology and inner child healing.

I have loved art all my life. I fell into a dark place of anxiety and confusion about myself while I was in college and I decided to use this as inspiration to create my artwork. I was also introduced to photography which I fell in love with too.

Bryony- 21 years old

This forest painting was inspired by an artist called David Bryan Smith, who would edit the same image of himself into peculiar backgrounds.

To view more of Bryony’s work:

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